How The West Is Won

On paper, the match-up is not pretty. In terms of importance, it’s huge- so big that NBC just had to flex it. Hopefully, the NFC Worst champ will have a .500 record (meaning the Rams will win). It just seems unfathomable for the Seahawks to take the division at 7-9. Seattle is horrible, plain and simple.

While this is, there’s really no need to get clever here or throw around insults to bash the Seahawks. The numbers do all the talking. Going into the final week, Seattle has a point differential of -107. That’s 28th out of the 32 teams in the league. Their turnover differential, at -9, is also the fifth-worst in the NFL.

In terms of total yardage: a rank of 28th on offense and 30th on defense. How about quarterback play? 13 touchdowns and 20 interceptions. Most of that was on Matt Hasselbeck. The starter for Sunday’s game? Likely Charlie Whitehurst. In his first career start earlier this year, Whitehurst threw for just 113 yards and two interceptions in a 41-7 loss to the Giants. The pass defense? They’ve given up 31 passing TDs, good for 30th in the league.

So, what should we expect for the second Seahawks-Rams meeting of the season? Well, St. Louis won 20-3 back in Week 4. Sam Bradford threw for nearly 300 yards and two scores. Seattle’s pass defense certainly hasn’t been much better since. They have added Marshawn Lynch on offense, but are still dead last in the NFL with less than 1,300 total yards rushing (and no individual is over 500). Even though the Rams are a middle-of-the-road defense, it should be good enough to dominate its anemic opponent.

Prediction: Rams 24, Seahawks 13

This is actually a legitimate prediction. No fooling around. The bottom line is that the Seahawks are pathetic. However, don’t give the Rams all the credit in the world and expect a 41-0 game. After all, this squad is still mediocre at best, and features a rookie quarterback on the road in a huge game. But even if you spot the Seahawks some points for that, it’s not nearly enough. If you’re a betting enthusiast, let it ride on St. Louis to cover the spread of -3. You’ll thank us later.

  1. Mike Ryan says:

    Why is it that great college coaches very rarely succeed I the NFL. I am gong out on the limb and say it is because they can’t recruit in the big show.

  2. […] then forget it. But really, folks, there is just no way that’s happening. You can refer to our NFC Worst post to see how bad the Seahawks are numbers-wise. Sure, they beat the Rams. Big deal. St. Louis […]


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