Memphis Beaters

Well, at least Tim Donaghy would be proud. A scuffle between O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen has resulted in the Grizzlies banning gambling on team flights. The two had to be separated by fellow Memphis players. Pretty pathetic, but also very plausible, considering the guilty parties.

Yahoo! Sports reported that Mayo owed Allen money over a card game and became upset when Allen wanted him to pay. First off, if you’re O.J. Mayo, why are you even bothering to gamble? You already share your initials with, well, you know. Don’t draw any more negative attention to yourself. Seriously, you’re making like $4 million a year, and that’s only going to go up after that rookie contract ends. Speaking of rookie contracts, the NFL better get a system in place, because it’s absurd how non-proven high draft picks are getting 30 million-plus in guaranteed money.

Anyway, what’s worse about this is how Mayo refused to pay up. Really, how much could we be talking about here? A few thousand at most? We know he’s making more than Tony Allen. Pay the man. While we”re at it, let”s also blame O.J. for the fight. After all, Mayo is no stranger to violence. As a high school player in 2007, Mayo “allegedly” assaulted referee Mike Lazo after slotmachines being ejected. He was suspended for three games.

Oh, but wait. Apparently Tony Allen likes a good confrontation as well. During the 2005 off-season, he was “charged with aggravated battery stemming from an altercation that escalated into the non-fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man outside a restaurant in Chicago.” While not a suspect in the shooting, Allen was accused of breaking another guy’s left eye socket. Nice.

With all that in mind, these dummies probably weren”t even gambling. They could have been playing a friendly game of Go Fish and turned against each other. Couldn”t you imagine…

Tony: Do you have any threes?

O.J.: Go fish!

Tony: Go f*** yourself. You have threes. I saw “em already, cheater.

O.J.: You lookin” at my cards, b****?

*Team brawl ensues.*

  1. rich diamond says:

    …And former Grizzly star Pau Gasol gets involved in the melee which, as coincidence would have it, occurs on the 5th of May. Gasol clocks O.J., cowers above him and yells, “Cinco de Mayo!!!”


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