Take a seat in our comedic classroom as we take a closer look at the most colorful characters of the sports world. You Got Schooled is chalk-full of information:

Current Events: Updated on a regular basis, or as often as something YGS-worthy occurs, these entries are the heart of You Got Schooled- a focus on present-day sports infamy with unique, opinionated insight. The most current post will always be the first thing you see, front and center on the main page. If you have your own opinion to share, please comment on any piece you wish!

Chalk Talk: This daily quote in some way relates to the current happenings in sports- with a YGS twist, of course. If you’re a fan of Chalk Talk, make sure to check out the Quotes section for our comprehensive list.

Subjects: Appearing on the left-hand side of the page, these items all include material that demonstrates the lighter side of sports in varying ways…

  • Photos Anything that captures sports humor in picture form, from look-alikes to compromising shots to things you would never come across in your favorite team’s media guide.
  • Quotes - Sports figures really do say the darndest things. For proof, check out our huge compilation of athletic verbiage, featuring nonsensical statements, self-deprecation, attacks on character and skill, and more!
  • Videos - Not everything can be captured in words and images. This section provides bloopers, music (we use that term loosely), media meltdowns, schoolings, and almost anything audibly and visually humiliating.
  • Extras - What will we think of next? Stay in school…

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