Mickelson Plays Through

Could you imagine if Phil Mickelson lost by a stroke? Or even worse, if he lost by a stroke to Tiger? On the other hand, had Tiger hit a leaf that had just fallen to the ground and it cost him The Masters, you know you'd suddenly be a lot more interested in golf…or divine intervention, one of the two. Probably the latter.

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April Fool

A former Nuggets ball boy apparently got into the team’s locker room, took Kenyon Martin”s car keys and filled his Range Rover’s white interior with buttered popcorn. “How “bout if I don”t play in the playoffs until somebody tells me who did it,” Martin said more than once. Real mature, Kenyon. Read more


What better time of year to kick things off? For the sports-schooling fan, springtime brings with it plenty of action to mock. Read more

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