Happy Holidays!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure and/or amusement, we are proud to present you with some holiday hits courtesy of the sports world. The Chicago Bulls “Twelve Days of Christmas” inspired us to look further and uncover the musical stylings of the Dallas Cowboys from the ’80s. Check it out.  Read more

We’re Goin’ Streaking

With their 89th victory in a row, UConn has passed UCLA for the longest winning streak in Division I basketball history. Yes, the women have finally topped the men. There’s a new queen in town. One of the most impressive records ever in college sports has been broken. Hold on there, Sparky. Think what you want, but these two streaks should never, ever be compared. Read more

A Shaq Tie Affair

Looking dapper and professional, Shaquille O'Neal joined up with the Boston Pops Orchestra in the unlikeliest of duos. In his conductorial debut (it's safe to assume), Shaq waved his arms and hands mindlessly during the “Holiday at Pops” performance at Symphony Hall. Read more

What’s Wrong With This Playoff Picture?

Perhaps owner Jed York was right on when he guaranteed that his 0-5 San Francisco squad would win the division back in October. The 49ers, after losing to the Chargers on Thursday, are currently 5-9. They’ve had arguably the most disappointing season of any NFL team. If the Seahawks lose to Tampa Bay next week, the 49ers control their playoff destiny. With two wins, the division is theirs. Read more

C'Mon, LeBron!

Another standout performance by LeBron James at The Garden: 32 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. Ah, what could have been, Knicks fans. By the way, “LeChicken” is pretty lame. Really, the “Le” followed by a noun formula is getting old, fast. That's a LeGit complaint. See what we did there?

Read more

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